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Car Elevator is extensively used for the easy movement of cars and vehicles across the floors of buildings, hotels, hospitals and showrooms. Car lifts take care of features such as size, weight of the materials, to be transported and the system of handling. These elevators utilize a large cabin to fit the need. These elevator are made with bulky loading capacities so that can be utilized to convey heavy vehicles.

We Manufacture Elevators with Manual as well as fully Automatic Power Operated Doors.

Capacity: Up to 4000 Kg.


Twin Parking

Twin Parking is efficient model to be used for stack parking in small area. This car twin parking has been planned to preferably park Sedan Hatch back and few SUV model cars in vertical position where the installation area is really small.

The Twin Parking comes with the features of simple structure, easy assembling and space-saving. The Twin Parking is mainly includes of posts of two sides, carriage of two sides, and wave plate platform. The left and right post can be used in common. The left and right carriage can form double-linked or multi-linked device with the column at random.



Easy to install , operate & maintain.

Perfect to install in small space.

Adjustable platform height.

The unit comes with Hydraulic and control box on the pole.


Residential societies

Commercial & Business Parks

Shopping C omplexes