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We are also manufacturer and supplier of commercial elevator/ showroom Elevators. We offer these lifts which are design and manufactured by our highly qualifies engineers by using very high quality material which are procured from very reliable vendors of the markets. Our lifts are widely appreciated for its various features and these are available in various specifications also. And we offer these at very cost effective prices also.


Machine-room-less elevators are one of such innovations, more commonly known as the MRL elevators. MRL elevators are those elevators in which there is no need of a separate machine room on the roof of the elevator because the components are installed within the hoistway. Therefore, less space is required to install machine-room-less elevators.

Our range of permanent magnet synchronous motor is lighter, smaller and more efficient than the conventional motor available. As compared to traditional induction motor, it provides very high peak efficiency as its design eliminates the rotor copper losses. At the same speed as the stator field it can abandon the rotor turns and the excitation winding. The PMSM is very efficient in high power applications like industrial drives and vehicular propulsion and is largely used in robotics, actuators and other such machine tools. we offer machine room less elevator.

Availability of machine room less (MRL) lifts in various sizes and shapes as per you requirements.